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DNA and Fingerprint collection Kit. Modern art, original and unique gift.

DNA collection Kit

Carefully read the step by step instructions and if you have any questions please contact us at:

The DNA colletion kit contains:

  • Metal Box.
  • Identification codes Card (G-Portrait Code or G-Chromas Code, according to genetic artwork chosen).
  • 2 tubes containing 2 sterile cotton swabs, labeled with their identification codes.
  • 1 padded envelop with GeneticPhotos´s shipping address.


  1. Start reading and filling out the card identification codes (G-Portrait Code or G-Chromas Code,according to genetic artwork chosen).
  2. Now you can proceed with the colletion of DNA.
  3. Ensure to send the 2 tubes with cotton swabs in the correct envelope.

Important: If there is more then one participant in your genetic artwork then you will receive kits receive for each participant. Repeat the same steps for each participant.While performing the DNA extration it is imperative not to mix the swabs from each person. In order to avoid confusion we recommend conducting the DNA colletion in different places at home.


You should not eat or drink at least 30 minutes prior to the DNA sample collection. Rinse mouth with water and begin sampling.

Fingerprint collection Kit

Carefully read the step by step instructions and if you have any questions please contact us at:

The fingerprint collection Kit contains:

  • Exclusive pad for fingerprint.
  • 2 Cards to collect fingerprints labeled with corresponding identification code.
  • 1 padded envelop with GeneticPhotos shipping address.


  1. You can start the DNA collection Kit or the Fingerprint collection Kit, whichever you prefer.
  2. Collect the DNA Sample and the Figerprint Sample.
  3. Once completed, place the special fingerprint collection card with your fingerprints in the corresponding envelope provided.

Important: You must not include the DNA collection kit tubes with the cotton swabs in the same envelope as the fingerprint cards. We provide you with 2 envelopes, one for sending the DNA sample and one for sending the fingerprint collection cards.


We encourage you to experiment with different fingers to get at least 3 fingerprint that have enough intensity and clarity. The collection kit allows you to get many fingerprints. You must get at least 10 fingerprints on the cards.

We enclose 2 cards, you can use both until you verify that the print quality is clear and satisfactory. GeneticPhotos will select the best fingerprint to use for the genetic artwork. Finally you just nedd to send the cards to geneticPhotos in the envelope included in the Fingerprint collection kit.