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Guarantees. DNA artwork.

Our main goal is to do your artwork with scientific rigour and with the highest confidentiality, working with your sample anonymously and thus eliminating any concerns surrounding your DNA.

To meet this objective we guarantee the following:

  1. We treat all samples with an alphanumeric code. When we receive your order we will send you a DNA collection kit identified with that code along with the card identification codes G-Portrait Code o G-Chromas Code (according to the artwork chosen). All our genetic artworks are delivered with a certificate of authenticity.
    Garantías Genetic Photos

  2. To ensure that your artwork comes from your own sample your masterpiece will be identified with the same alphanumeric code of your G-Portrait Code o G-Chromas Code , on the front or the back of your artwork, depending on the format and the material of your choice in your purchase.
  3. All personnel involved in creating the artwork work exclusively with this code and they do not know who sent the sample.
  4. We work with a laboratory authorized and controlled by the leading authorities on the subject. All the genetic results are generated by the laboratory CITOGEN LTD, GENETIC ANALYSIS CENTRE who hold an international quality accreditation ISO 17025 (689_LE1391) to perform genetic profiles.
  5. Your DNA sample will be treated at all times with the highest confidentiality and will be destroyed as soon as the report is issued and it will only be used with the artistic purpose of creating your masterpiece. None of our genetic works of art have a medical or legal value. GeneticPhotos artistic representations only have artistic value.
  6. All of our work is delivered with the highest artistic and decorative quality and is ready to be displayed in your place of preference.
  7. We have scientific staff who keep us up to date on new genetic studies to offer you innovative genetic art. Please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter so that we can keep you informed.

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