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We create upon demand, any order, size, material, and also you can choose to express your genetic information from different genes such as sports gene, math gene, love gene or your genetic profile. For further information, contact us at or phone us at +34 692635123


Works and Awards:

- Artwork based on the Toison, the synthesis of the ram symbol of the Vellocino de Oro, which was sent to the Royas Family, on the occasion of the wedding of the Prince Don Felipe y Doña Leticia, sponsored by jewellery professionals.

- First 2002 Jewellery Design Award for the jewel called " Las Meninas".

Jewellery examples of DNA:  Sport gene squence, Math gene, Love gene, in different pendants and rings of exclusive design.

colgante de ADN      colgante de ADN      colgante de ADN


                                             anillo con gen del amor                                            


Works and Awards:

 - 2002 First Award of the Spanish Association of Scientific Film, for the genome music sounds.

Music on demand from the customer´s DNA: 

The 4 DNA bases, A, C, T, G are interpreted by 4 musical notes progressively linked, introduced in classical music or in any in particular music that the customer is interested in (music on demand) creating  a unique piece of art from the customer´s DNA.

musica con adn                  musica con secuencia de ADN


Works and Awards:

- 2010 National Sculpture Award Victorio Macho  (Foundation Díaz Caneja) Palencia

- Sculpture “Puerta de la Sierra”. San Agustín de Guadalix, Madrid 2009

Examples of artwork of DNA: 

G-Portrait Wood is a genetic portrait done in hardwood and bronze. Sport gene G-Chromas Iron: sculpture representing a fragment of ACTN3 gene sequence, and polymorphism homozygous C / C, which gives the individual who carries it a potential advantage in competitive sports.

Cuadro perfil genetico en madera y laton        escultura en hierro de secuencia genetica


Examples of artwork of DNA:

3D-U makes a sculpture of your person along with a panel with your genetic code. Your representation from inside and outside. It is performed in a high-tech material and it is reproduced by a modern 3D system.

You can request a panel engraved on both sides, on one side your genetic profile and the other side a squence os your sport gene or mathematics gene. Click hear to see the result: panel 2 sides

escultura en 3d y perfil genetico


Works and Awards:

- Collection of sculptures "Ascension" Santa Justa train station (Sevilla). 1996

Examples of artworks of DNA:

This work is inspired by the buildings of "Russian Constructivism." The work is represented In a tower building with different windows that correspond to different markers of a genetic profile unique to each person.

escultura de adn en ceramica 


Some works:

- José Caballero Sports Center in Alcobendas, 2009. Decoration of the new entry.

- Micropolix theme park in Spain, 2008. Decoration of the first theme park of this type in Spain.

Examples of artworks of DNA:

Customize with DNA leads the individual to be as unique as their genetics, creating spaces and dynamic objects in order to enjoy an artwork as unique as your DNA, influenced by urban art and integrated within the same project, the interior design and fashion. The airbrushing  and brush on canvas joint technique, representing  the genetic profile of two people and customized sneakers with your sport gene sequence, maths gene or your genetic profile.

cabecero cama y cojines personalizados artegraffiare           zapatillas customizadas adn de Artegraffiare


Works and Awards:

- 2009 First Award, X Prize Painting "Fundación Valparaíso".

- 2009 Second Award Toshiba.

Examples of artworks of DNA:

Genetic sequence that carries the customer´s Maths gene with geometric background and a genetic profile with optical illusion. Made in acrylic on board.

cuadro de adn          cuadro de adn


Some works:

- Restoration of  the Royal Palace domes, La Granja de San Ildefonso (Segovia) 2000

Examples of artworks of DNA:

- Sport gene sequence composition with impressionist  pigments and background. Genetic profile with synchronization of ochres creating an illusion effect of integration. Made in oil and plaster on canvas.

cuadro de adn al oleo           cuadro de adn al oleo