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Product Finishes. DNA Art

Below we list the different materials/finishes available for you artwork. We offer various options to match your style or for an original gift!


We have achieved a very original finishes by not printing in white ink and therefore the colours on this material create a very original metallic effect. You can appreciate the material because the inks have a semi-transparent effect and in areas that may have white the image is not printed with any colour leaving the aluminium visible. Well worth it!

There is a frame on the back to provide more rigidity and when hung gives the impression that is it airborne. The result will surprise you!

The aluminium will give a unique and modern touch to your interior decor. The printing on aluminium is an alternative used by contemporary artists who want to get a shocking result and contribute to modern works. An original and personalized gift, ideal for interior decorating without limits.

Please see a detailed example of the artwork in aluminium to give you a better idea of the finishes result.


We print your G-PORTRAIT or G-CHROMAS on clear methacrylate 5 mm thick. The corners are polished giving the image a magnified effect. The printing is done on the back of methacrylate with UV inks that provide artwork with indefinite indoor durability and bright colours.

When printing from the back, you get the impression it is seen through the methacrylate, creating an excellent gloss finishes with a "crystal" glass look.

At the back of the methacrylate and the printed image, we protect your artwork with a 2 mm sheet of white PVC. It comes with a rear frame allowing for hanging a few inches away from the wall.

The methacrylate is one of the most elegant and glamorous materials used in interior decorating, bringing together features that make it unique: colour enhancement, image brightness, creating a play of light in its interior. It is without doubt the most sought after material used by interior designers and architects looking for spectacular results.

Please see a detailed example of the artwork in methacrylate to give you a better idea of the finishes result.


Mounting photographs on a wooden board is one of the most innovative techniques in the presentation of contemporary photographic works.

Your G-Portrait or G-Chromas is printed on premium photo paper and then it is laminated to give greater protection. For printing we use pigmented inks with indefinite indoor resistance. Using a handmade process we fix the image in a table and it is assembled on a 4cm thick wooden structure the same size as the table thus obtaining depth and volume on your genetic masterpiece. We will deliver it ready to hang.

Please see a detailed example of the artwork in tablex to give you a better idea of the finishes result.


Printing on fabric is the most modern technique in interior design. We print your genetic artworks with the "sublimation technique” on a thick fabric (similar to the texture of a tapestry) the result is colourful and resistant indoors and will never lose its brightness.

The sides of your artwork will also be printed, the fabric will be folded on the sides and finally the fabric is assembled on a high quality 3.5 cm thick wooden frame. We will deliver it ready to hang.

If you are interested in a decorative upholstered object with the image from your genetic artwork we can make it with this material, the result is spectacular! Turn your genetic artwork into the soul of your own interior design, a customized style different from everything.

Please see a detailed example of the artwork in canvas fabric to give you a better idea of the finishes result.

Photographic print

Your artwork is done on high quality gloss photographic paper. We recommend that you frame this image with glass to protect the print quality for years.

We leave a border of 1cm overlay so that you can frame it as desired. The prints are delivered rolled in a cardboard tube.

Ideal for decorating or to make an original gift it will be a personalized and unique artwork.

Please see a detailed example of the artwork as a photographic print to give you a better idea of the finishes result.

Digital Image

If you choose a genetic masterpiece in digital version, you will receive by email a copy as JPG, RGB and 150 PPP that you can print when you want, send it via email to your friends, include it as a screen saver, for your computer screen or mobile, etc...

G-MINI PORTRAIT -Perspex frame-
Perspex frame

This type of finishes is only available for the G-Mini Portrait. Your genetic profile is presented on a 2cm thick top quality methacrylate sheet 13X18 cm on a black laminated sheet. The printed image on top quality photographic paper is placed between the 2 sheets.

The methacrylate sheet has small magnets that keep the image in place when it is on display in your office, your desk at home, in the lobby or the perfect original gift for a special occasion.

If you do not find your choice of finishes above or if you prefer a customized print using a different material, please do not hesitate to contact us at We offer you the possibility to create your customized genetic masterpiece. We will always try to attend to your requests and we can produce samples before you make a disbursement. We are always happy to receive feedback from our customers to help us to improve!